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Michael Williams - Escape from a 90s educational CD-ROM!

‘Hello Learning: Aussie Edition 1994’ was a state-of-the-art CD-ROM that rivalled Microsoft Encarta. 30,000 articles, thousands of images, hundreds of videos and MIDI files of every single national anthem. A kid could really lose a weekend exploring Hello Learning.   

Or two decades.  

This is the story of Michael Williams. A 12-year-old boy who was zapped inside his copy of ‘Hello Learning: Aussie Edition 1994’ and was never released. A boy who 23 year later, grew into a man who was still stuck inside his copy of ‘Hello Learning: Aussie Edition 1994’. He knows nothing of the modern world. His friends are pictures of historical people, his job is reading as much as he can and his free time is spent writing a musical about Colonel Sanders. Life is mundane but whose isn’t?  

One day, while Michael is out for a walk through the encyclopaedia he comes across some corrupted files and when he notices that the corruption is in fact spreading, time is running out and since nobody came to save him, Michael decides that it is time to ESCAPE FROM A 90s CD-ROM!  

The first play from visual comedian Michael Williams combines animation with live theatre. Michael seamlessly interacts with the characters and events on screen.  

Celebrating over a decade in comedy, Michael Williams has performed all over Australia and the UK with his unique combination of jokes and visuals.  He also hosts two popular podcasts – ‘It’s A Duck Blur’ and ‘Pop Quiz Hot Shot’.  

“Williams displays a genius for reductive absurdism and is unlike any other comedian I’ve seen. His take on the world around him creates joyous results, if you can get on board, it’s a hell of a ride.” Chortle  

“Michael Williams has been a popular local performer for a long time, anyone who sees him can’t help but love his work, and it’s time he was rescued from his rock of obscurity and was appreciated by a wider audience. I can see his comic ability with graphics working beautifully on TV. This is a fabulous, funny adorable show from Michael and something I can definitely recommend.” Squirrel Comedy  

Podcast link:  

Dates: 30 March - 23 April (no Mondays)

Times: 7pm (6pm Sundays)  

Tickets: $22–$25

VenueACMI, Games Room

Fringe Wives Club – Glittery Clittery: A ConSENSUAL Party

Three comedy she-wolf legends unite for Glittery Clittery: A ConSENSUAL Party. Part explosive physical-comedy-cabaret, part interactive club night, Glittery Clittery is a cacophony of original live music, epic dance moves, sharply witty feminist observations and all-out-sequined-covered sass. This is #GLAMTAVISM for a world in dire need: gloriously inclusive, unashamedly risqué and utterly joyous.

Starring physical comedy kween TESSA WATERS (WINNER Best Comedy Adelaide Fringe '15 WOMANz/Over Promises), acclaimed comedian and storyteller ROWENA HUTSON (WINNER Most Outstanding Comedy MFringe '16, Strong Female Character) and musical comic powerhouse VICTORIA FALCONER-PRITCHARD (WINNER London Cabaret Awards '15 East End Cabaret). Combining their unquestionable talents, these women will smash the patriarchy through outrageous humour, interactive anarchy, DIY glamour and the unbridled celebration of sex in all its chaotic forms.

Waters is the “undisputed queen of physical comedy!" – Broadway Baby 

Hutson is “an awesome talent.” – The Clothesline 

Falconer-Pritchard is “a skillful foil able to… grab a laugh with the merest eyeball-rolling glance.” – Chortle 

Dates: 30 March – 22 April 

Times11pm (10pm Sundays)  

Tickets: $22–$27

VenueThe Greek Centre, The Parthenon 

Watson - GO TO HELL!

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself… Until now!  

After their sell-out season of Who’s Afraid Of The Dark? at The Old Melbourne Goal, Watson are back with a whole new hour of horror-comedy in their brand new show – GO TO HELL! With big laughs and even bigger scares, Watson are put to the test as they plunge into a terrifying world with no light, no escape and no wifi. Except this time, they forgot to come up with a safety word… 

Two years ago, Adam McKenzie, Liam Ryan and Tegan Higginbotham lured a bunch of innocent people into an abandoned jail during Comedy Festival for a night of spooky storytelling. But it’s safe to say, things got a little weird. Tegan became possessed by the spirit of a vengeful prisoner, audience members may or may not have been locked in jail cells, and not everyone got out alive. So…you know…a typical MICF.   

But this year, they intend on going one step further and perfecting the recipe for horror by investigating the very nature of fear itself! So come on a ride that’s as dark as it is ridiculous as Watson explore your deepest, darkest fears.   

What scares you? What tickles the dark parts of your brain? Is it snakes? Public speaking? Heights? Being asked seemingly endless questions?  

No matter what your personal fear is, Watson will have it covered in a night of sketch and scares. You’ll be peeing yourself for all the right reasons. For once. 

Winners – Best Comedy, 2015 Melbourne Fringe Festival  

“Expertly poised between comedy and horror.” The Age 

Dates: 30 March – 23 April (no Mondays)

Times9:30pm (8:30pm Sundays) 

Tickets: $24–$29 

VenueCoopers Malthouse, The Beckett Theatre